Built on strong foundations

ClearBank® is the UK’s first new clearing bank in more than 250 years, bringing open competition and transparency to the UK market. It is the first modern clearing bank in the UK to design its entire IT systems as a green field project.

This unique approach has enabled ClearBank® to build systems free from legacy constraints with technology that transforms the banking experience, making transactions faster, more efficient and more cost effective for everyone.

ClearBank® is built on a state-of-the-art platform specifically designed to deliver clearing services. It is connected to all UK payment schemes and was designed in accordance with ISO 20022. Free from the limitations of years of legacy IT infrastructure, we will transform the agency banking experience.

ClearBank® offers:

  • Market-leading service levels, system resilience, speed to market and security
  • A cloud-based, globally scalable platform
  • Time, cost and efficiency savings via built-in straight through processing
  • Quick and easy integration via API, allowing a single connection to multiple payments options
  • A secure banking platform that can be white labelled and adapted as required
  • Rapid deployment of sort code based open market services for financial service providers, FCA-regulated businesses and Fintech
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How ClearBank® works

How ClearBank works
How ClearBank works

The ClearBank® API

The ClearBank® API is a REST* based API that can be integrated into an organisation’s infrastructure and enables them to leverage ClearBank® products and banking services.

The API can be used for activities that include (but not limited to):

  • Submitting payment transfers
  • Submitting payments (including Faster Payments, Bacs credits, CHAPS)
  • Creating new payees
  • Creating Standing Orders
  • Scheduling payments
  • Direct Debit collections
  • Receiving payment notifications (account credits)
  • Activity notifications
  • Requesting account activity and statements
  • Cancelling regular/repeating payments
  • (Standing Orders and Direct Debits)
The ClearBank API

Communications are carried out as JSON** documents which will typically contain one property or more. The primary property (and in many cases the only property) is a serialised ISO 20022 XML message. This ISO 20022 message will be represented within the JSON document as a base 64 encoded string.

Some end points that ClearBank® provides may contain additional properties. An API message structure is pictured above.

*Representational State Transfer ** JavaScript Object Notation


  • Application Form completion
  • Geo location verifications


  • KYC/AML Process
  • Financial Crime Checks
  • Credit and Ownership validation

Signed & Approved

  • Voice and Visual biometrics
  • Vein signed using Fujitsu® palm technologies

To find out more contact our Business Development team and following an application for an account we can share more detailed API documentation

How our IT works

How ClearBank IT works

The ClearBank® technology stack

The ClearBank® platform was designed and built in accordance with ISO 20022, and is based around technology which offers:

  • Supported packages with clear life-cycles defined
  • Interoperability between packages/technologies
  • Standardisation of coding languages across multiple platforms and channels
  • Security built in as a priority from the start
  • Scalability and flexibility
Once you've opened your account, you are licensed to use our infrastructure.
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The ClearBank technology stack