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ClearBank® offers banking services to financial service providers, FCA-regulated businesses and Fintech.

ClearBank® Cognitive Services and Identity

ClearBank® products and services offer industry-leading authentication. Biometric data is captured, stored and used as part of the ClearBank® Cognitive Services offering.

ClearBank® uses the following biometrics:


Facial recognition is used to help authenticate a user by comparing photo identification documentation, such as a driving licence or passport, back to the customer using mobile banking for example. If the ClearBank® Cognitive Services identifies a match, ClearBank® can verify the customer is who they claim to be.


Voice is used to help provide a second form factor of authentication when required. Everyone’s voice is unique to them and as such forms a voice signature. ClearBank® Cognitive Services captures a user’s voice and compares it back to the known customer voice for authentication.


Palm biometrics reads the user’s palm veins and arteries. Each palm is unique and can be used as a second form factor for authentication. ClearBank® captures palm data for power users. These users can then use their palm as the second form factor of authentication. For Palm, ClearBank® uses Fujitsu hardware as part of the Fujitsu Palm Secure technology. Each palm that is registered is stored by ClearBank® Cognitive Services, and is then available to be read for authentication.