ClearBank® Cognitive Services and Identity

ClearBank® products and services offer industry-leading authentication. Biometric data is captured, stored and used as part of the ClearBank® Cognitive Services offering.

ClearBank® uses the following biometrics:


Facial recognition is used to help authenticate a user by comparing photo identification documentation, such as a driving licence or passport, back to the customer using mobile banking for example. If the ClearBank® Cognitive Services identifies a match, ClearBank® can verify the customer is who they claim to be.


Voice is used to help provide a second form factor of authentication when required. Everyone’s voice is unique to them and as such forms a voice signature. ClearBank® Cognitive Services captures a user’s voice and compares it back to the known customer voice for authentication.


Palm biometrics reads the user’s palm veins and arteries. Each palm is unique and can be used as a second form factor for authentication. ClearBank® captures palm data for power users. These users can then use their palm as the second form factor of authentication. For Palm, ClearBank® uses Fujitsu hardware as part of the Fujitsu Palm Secure technology. Each palm that is registered is stored by ClearBank® Cognitive Services, and is then available to be read for authentication.

Frequently Asked Questions

ClearBank® has two access channels, our Web Portal and API

ClearBank® processes GBP via Faster Payments, Bacs and CHAPS

While onboarding an institution, we create institution user accounts for two designated members of your team. Both members are super users and can create additional users.

ClearBank® can assign individual sort codes to Financial Institutions, depending on their regulatory status. The cost of this service will be made clear to the Financial Institution before sort codes are assigned.

We will, upon request support clients who wish to transfer their sort code from their existing sponsor bank and/or transfer specific schemes held within a sort code. In so doing, we will liaise with all relevant third parties including scheme providers and incumbent banks.

Our pricing model is based on a standard monthly charge along with additional charges for transactional banking products and services, such as the transactions that you make and the accounts that you open for your customers. All such charges are deducted immediately and a monthly transactional summary is made available for you to review online via the Institution Portal.